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Videos for my website. Audios, YouTube and other social media sites.



Do you have references?

Yes. Just call or fill-in our contact us form and we'll provide you with references. 

Do you have other services?

Yes. We offer inexpensive websites, marketing phone numbers (hotlines/sizzle call phone numbers) and Logos. We offer script writing for your videos too. Just call for pricing.

How long before I get my video and or Audio?

Most audios are done the same day. Videos may take up to 2 business days depending on the project.

Do you have examples of videos and marketing audios?

Yes. Please click here.

How do I receive my audio and or videos?

I send them to you via email. For larger files you'll receive an email from with instructions on how to download. Videos will be mp4. Audios in mp3 or .wave  when requested.

How do your accept payment?

After we've talked about your project, I will need 50% down and the remainder after I've sent you your finished project. I will send you an invoice from PayPal or Cash App.  Note: There is a $20.00 charge for any revisions, such as Name change  Phone number change URL Change etc... 1 free revision is included.



There are NO REFUNDS! We email the mp3 audio file(s) and mp4 video(s) to you as proof of services rendered.